2008 Headline: Utah Goes for Obama?!?!

Check out this post from NPR’s blog. Also, this amusing post from Council of Fifty.


One Response

  1. Although I may agree with the sentiment behind the NPR article, the “expert” comments of Tim Chambless sound quite shallow and arrogant. Like he fancies himself a sociologist of the primitive culture of the mormons, or something. All of his quotes sound just like a scientist discussing the “subjects” of an experiment.

    This especially bothers me when he says, “I’m going to make a statement and go for the underdog.” (speaking of what us mormons are, of course, all saying in our heads). I happen to have much better reasons to vote for Obama than to make some kind of “underdog” statement or to get revenge on the republican party.

    The republican party has simply gone down a path that is harder and harder for me to follow. I’m making my decisions from a sense of morality and duty, not as a reaction to an insult. I have a lot of respect for our friends and neighbors of other faiths that can live in proximity to members of the Mormon church without having to talk down to us. (I think we can both think of a great example of this sort of person).

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