Romney’s Valentine to McCain

Mitt Romney is expected to endorse John McCain for President today.

How much difference, if any, will this endorsement make in rallying support from Mormons who have been disillusioned by the GOP (such as those who might have been leaning towards Obama)?

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5 Responses

  1. I wonder who McCain will take on as VP. Probably Romney or Huckabee.

  2. People are talking now about the possibility of a McCain-Romney ticket. Of course, they have been talking some time about a McCain-Huckabee ticket.

    I wonder how much you can read in to Romney’s endorsement. On one hand, you can wonder if the two have come up with an agreement — support me and you can the VP — or something. On the other hand, if we are to take Romney seriously about how turning the country over to Obama or Clinton would be surrendering to the terrorists, then his endorsement could simply be seen as a way to support the Republican candidate. I do wonder, though, if Romney was making too much about the problem of “forestalling a national campaign.”

    I really am getting quite tired of Romney. I give him the benefit of the doubt about being a good father, Church member, businessman, etc, and I do think he had several good ideas especially regarding the economy. However, this endorsement of McCain is so clearly disingenuous, and the comments he made about Obama and Clinton are not fair and border on fear-mongering the public.

    If Romney can not truly pledge his whole heart to a candidate, then he should just keep quiet.

    And can I tell you how tired I am about his talking about how Obama or Clinton would turn America into the “France of the 21st Century.” As John Stewart joked, “Isn’t France the France of the 21st Century?”

    Romney’s disparaging comments as well as his endorsement of McCain are presaging the stage that will be set for the national campaign. You can count on a fear-mongering attack against whoever the Democratic candidate is.

    The question remains how much the public will choose to be counseled by their fears.

  3. It’s been common knowledge for a while now that McCain and Romney, and their campaign aids, completely despise each other.

    Romney wouldn’t ever align with Huckabee. He knows McCain’s the only option from his party. Better to get “his support” out of the way early.

  4. I agree with Dennis… It was really a little disturbing to hear Romney say, “I would be Honored to support John McCain for President” when only a few days ago he was saying mean things about him- he is a true politician- and I am sick of it, that is why Obama is so different- it is not all about him – it is about our country!

    And to answer your question- yes, I think blind followers of Romney will vote for McCain- it is just sad- I am really encouraging my friends & family to study the candidates- we will see what happens.

  5. I am a registered Republican, consider myself fairly conservative, and voted for Romney in the primaries. That being said, I will not be voting for McCain. I saw Romney’s endorsement for what I believe it is, a staunch Republican toting the party line. I truly believe that Romney had the business background to prevent a severe economic downturn for our nation and that is what attracted my vote.
    With Romney out I definately consider Obama as the best choice for President. My only question for him that has not been answered in the debates that I have seen is, what his stance on Affirmative Action is? Does he truly believe that preferential hiring based on ethnicity or gender is acceptable? I believe in giving grants and scholarships to those that grew up in challenging circumstances, but once they have the higher education they are on even ground and the preferential treatment should end.

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