State of the Blog: Thinking in a Marrow Bone After One Week

One week ago, I started this blog thinking that maybe a few of my friends would visit now and then.

To my surprise, there have been over 1000 unique visitors, none of which came directly from search engines. (Only since yesterday has the blog been searchable by Google and Yahoo.)

It’s made me think that this really could be a very successful blog.

I do realize that politics have dominated this blog for the past week, and I hope that we contribute more non-political posts in the near future. I suppose that LDS-related politics is just really hot right now.

I also do not plan to post nearly as much in the future as I have the past week. I just wanted to get the blog going. I do hope that some of the other authors begin posting things, but only as often as they want. I have been impressed with many of the comments given in this blog, and I am quite willing to include more regular contributors to this blog, depending on your experience and/or how much I like you :). Let me know if you’re interested, via email at thinkinginamarrowbone AT gmail DOT com; just be sure to read this first, considering that this blog is meant to be different from many other LDS-themed blogs.

If you really like this blog, you might consider (a) subscribing to its feeds using something like Google Reader, (b) telling your friends about it, and (c) including a link on your own blogs.

Also, let me know if you have suggestions about how to make this blog better.



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