The Pseudo-War on Cuba

Interesting article here about Clinton and Obama’s voting record on Cuba related issues. Basically, Clinton supports the same antiquated Cold War policy Bush has pursued. Obama seems in favor of more open relations with the country.

It seems hypocritical to me that we are willing to trade with China, but not Cuba. Both claim to be communist and both are oppressors of human rights. The only reason we bully Cuba is because we can get away with it, economically and politically. I am all for standing against oppressors of human rights but a little more consistency is needed.

Furthermore, a little honesty is also needed. Let’s face the truth that our country’s own childish behavior is partially responsible for Castro becoming the dictator he was. The actions of the CIA at the Bay of Pigs and elsewhere made Castro extremely paranoid and oppressive. And let’s also face the truth that our own repressive trade restrictions are partially responsible for the dismal economy of Cuba and the suffering of Cubans.

On a third point, the trade and travel restrictions designed to “promote democracy” haven’t worked even after the fall of the Soviet Union. The fact that they continue regardless, reveals what they really are: a punishment. I humbly suggest that we move beyond this pettiness and seek a new Cuba policy.

I simply can see no adequate reason why we as Americans should continue to see and treat Cuba as an enemy. Cubans are only our enemies because we continue to choose that they be so.


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  1. Clayton,

    Nice post. Interesting things to think about.

    I ran into this post on Millenial Star about Latter-day Saints in Cuba that I thought was interesting. It’s interesting to think about what a new leader in Cuba could mean for the Church there …

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