McCain on Cuba

While we are on the topic of Cuba…

John McCain has objected to Barack Obama’s statement that, in the interest of change, he would meet with Raul Castro without conditions. It is obvious from McCain’s official statement that he would withhold relations from Cuba until they, “release political prisoners, allow free media, political parties, and labor unions, or schedule internationally monitored free elections.”

In other words, McCain refuses to speak to Cuba until they are, for all intents and purposes, some sort of democracy in the image of the U.S. What a patient man senator McCain must be! He is willing to spend 100 years in Iraq if necessary, and would potentially leave U.S. relations with Cuba in a sad state for just as long (0r longer, if Cuba never bends). I wonder if this cruel, yet usual, treatment of our neighboring country stems from the same side of McCain that opposed anti-torture legislation?

Senator Clinton said much the same thing as McCain (as was discussed by Clayton here.) Read the rest of the story, including Obama’s reply to McCain, at The New York Times Politics Blog.

Situations like this go to show that when Obama speaks about change, he means it. At least as far as this Cuba situation is concerned, a vote for McCain or Hillary is a vote for more of the same.


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