Mormons for Obama? Hillary? Paul?

I was quoted in this recent article from the Salt Lake Tribune. I said that I think that Obama is the most family-friendly and faith-friendly candidate in the race.

Check it out; it’s a pretty good (and short) article on Mormon support for various presidential candidates. I hope also that you leave a comment about where you’re leaning in terms of the presidential race (especially if you’re leaning Obama ;).


5 Responses

  1. hehe, this is cool. My Grandma might know the McCain supporter from Syracuse.

  2. I just started reading this blog, so I hope I’m not just babbling about nothing or things that have already been said, but I’m actually excited about this.
    I am happy to say that this presidential race finally has me (at the age of 22) caring about politics, and I’m finding out some surprising things – like the fact that right now I really love the democrats and would feel very afraid if McCain won. I work at a Junior High, and every day I have to bite my tongue because all of the little Mormon kids are always talking about how they’ll leave the country if Clinton or Obama win. Honestly, although I’m leaning toward Obama right now, there are some things I really like about Clinton, which surprised me because I was as against her as they are about two months ago. I would feel good about supporting either of them over any of the Republican candidates. But I’m not allowed to voice my political opinion at school, so they are just rotting in unfounded opinions about how the U.S. is going to fall apart with a Democratic president.
    No matter how Mormons and Utahans vote, I hope they really research the candidates – I think they’ll be surprised.

  3. Megs,

    Your comments are very welcome. I had to laugh when I read about your Junior High students because I remember being the same way back then.

    We have to hope that the parents of these children are more informed.

    Taking myself as an example, I always believed that my parents would vote republican no matter what, but this year they are thinking that Obama is the best choice. When I was young, I didn’t understand the complexities of my parents political views. I’ve come to realize that they have never really been the type to vote “blindly” for a particular party. Lets hope many of these childrens’ parents are like this.

    I do suspect that many of them are not nearly so politically open-minded, but we just do our best and talk to the people who will listen.

  4. Megs,

    I can understand junior high children following in the political habits of their parents. But it is disturbing that they say they’ll leave the country if Obama or Clinton is elected.

    I think that Mitt Romney is partially to blame for all of this. It was so irresponsible for him to back out of the race in order to protect our country from Obama or Clinton, as if a vote for Obama or Clinton is a vote for al Qaida (John McCain pretty much said this explicitly).

    I grew up in Idaho Falls and went to a 80% LDS junior high and high school. However, there were plenty of Latter-day Saints who had pretty much no problem with Clinton (though most of us were probably quite ambivalent). I think that Mormons, as a whole, outside Utah (even in Idaho) are perhaps more open-minded politically. Anywhere else there’s more legitimate exposure to both sides. I worry that that is not the case, at least in Utah County and other Utah counties.

    I am teaching a course on personality theory right now at BYU. One of the theorists we are talking about is Carl Jung. For Jung, the big problem is one-sidedness, where people are not in touch with the other side of things. In terms of political conservativism, the person who is the most politically conservative (consciously) is also the most politically liberal (unconsciously); this has to do with Jung’s notions of the ego and shadow, respectively. It’s for this reason that people can have such ridiculous and demonizing views about contrary political views (or religious, social, etc.). They are so afraid of their (liberal) shadow flooding into consciousness, that they do all they can to repress it, even if it means delusional thinking and very selective attention.

  5. At the time this was posted, I was rooting for Paul….

    Too bad he isn’t running anymore.

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