Blog Highlight: Towards an LDS Cinema

One feature I would like to add to this blog is to periodically report on blogs that I think would be of interest to our readers.

The first blog I would like to highlight is Towards an LDS Cinema, which I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. I discovered, in my stumbling, that it is authored by an old friend of mine, Trevor Banks, who is a Fulbright Scholar studying (film?) in Poland.

I am very much a novice in the ways of film, but I find Trevor’s insights to be refreshing and unique. I see him as pushing things forward in terms of the comparative study of film and faith. I recommend his blog for any Latter-day Saint interested in film (or anyone interested in LDS cinema).


3 Responses

  1. If you’re going to troll at least do it in the right post, or blog even.


  2. Whoah, its gone. Hi Dennis.

  3. Dave,

    Yes, I deleted that ridiculous comment for that very reason. Just now. Perfect timing.

    Plus the person was obviously very well informed, considering he referred to the Texas Warren Jeffs stuff as “LDS.” No wonder he was impressed that the Mormons could get the attention taken from their polygamy!

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