Obama vs. McCain 2008: Round 17: Urban Concerns

This is the seventeenth of a weekly series of public forums on TMB. Watch for a new round every Monday.

Urban concerns. Something that has not been talked about all that much for the general election. And something that I know little about, as far as McCain and Obama are concerned (especially McCain).

Possible topics: Homelessness, poverty, gang violence, drug abuse, welfare, teen pregnancy, AIDS, health care, and educational equality.


Reminder: The first presidential debate is this Friday (Sept. 26).

Next week: Crisis Intervention

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7 Responses

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  2. In my opinion this one goes to Obama hands down. Obama actually has an urban policy and a plan to stimulate urban centers. This includes promoting sustainable communities, energy efficient buildings, “Promise neighborhoods” to alleviate poverty, affordable housing, and a new White House office on Urban Policy.

    As far as I have seen McCain has made virtually no mention of any urban issues. The only item I have found is that he has proposed using military tactics to go into neighborhoods to reduce crime.

  3. I agree. I think this one goes to Obama.

    However, and this is risky, is it possible that Obama’s race gives him an automatic edge on urban concerns in the minds of voters? I think it’s a valid question, especially since many Obama supporters still assert that his race hurts him. I think we should recognize that there are probably instances in which Obama’s race actually helps him.

  4. Ryan,

    What you have said is along the lines of Obama’s own sentiments. He said that he thinks his race helps him with some voters and hurts him with others, so “it’s a wash.”

  5. I think McCain has a tremendous opportunity as far as the educations issue goes. Due to Obama’s ties to teacher’s unions, he has to oppose school choice. The thing is that many inner city voters are pro-school choice. They see the failure of the schools and want their kids out of public schools.

    Obama talks about special interests as if teachers unions – whose job it is to protect teachers’ jobs (not educate children) – were not a special interest.

  6. Obama wins this one, for sure.

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