Obama vs. McCain 2008

The election is over, but here are the links to our weekly Obama vs. McCain forum:

Round 1: Character

Round 2: VP ?

Round 3: Bipartisanship and National Unity

Round 4: Iraq

Round 5: Freedom

Round 6: Economy

Round 7: Abortion

Round 8: Relationship with LDS Church

Round 9: Health Care

Round 10: Faith and Family Values

Round 11: Oil, Energy, and the Environment

Round 12: Age and Experience

Round 13: Terrorism and Diplomacy

Round 14: Education

Round 15: Political Corruption

Round 16: Cindy McCain vs. Michelle Obama

Round 17: Urban Concerns

Round 18: Crisis Intervention

Round 19: Illegal Immigration

Round 20: Race and Gender Issues

Round 21: Symbolism of President

Final Round: Who Will You Vote For and Why?


29 Responses

  1. Looks great, Dennis. This is a good idea. Nothing to add.

  2. I might suggest energy supply and oil prices. Unless you group it with environmental concerns. That is looking like a big topic headed into the fall (and right now no one says anything good on it).

  3. Tony,

    I was trying to work in something specifically for that, but I had trouble having enough weeks. But I do think it might be important enough to have a specific forum for. I’ll see what I can do. As of now, that topic would fall under both the economy and environmental concerns.

  4. I will vote for McCain. I believe that McCain could be a strong Comander in Chief. I truly have no confidence that Obama could ever protect our country against ANY threat since he has misplaced ideas as to what our country needs to do to remain strong against the war on terror. The presidency is not a guessing game or a learn as you go job. Our president needs to John McCain. And besides who would EVER want a first lady that HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN PROUD OF THE UNITED STATES UNTIL JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO. That is truly pathetic.

  5. This should pretty well sum up the feelings of most of those who supported Obama on this website. Sorry it didn’t work out like you all hoped.

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