The Prime Directive

I was not always in favor of a non-interventionist foreign policy. At one point, I strongly supported the invasion of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was an evil man, and I believed that it was the moral imperative of the United States government to destroy the tyrannical regime that he led. And of course he had WMDs… he was a tyrant, after all. And even if he didn’t, he surely had and used them in the past (which he did), and that was sufficient enough reason to support any military action against him.

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Obama vs. McCain 2008: Round 18: Crisis Intervention

This is the eighteenth of a weekly series of public forums on TMB. Watch for a new round every Monday.

This topic is arguably more important than any other, as far as the next President is concerned. Especially considering the recent economic crisis on Wall Street. (Feel free to comment on what each candidate had to say about this at the recent debate.)

Which candidate will do the best at handling these kinds of crises?

We can certainly look to events of recent months to compare the way the candidates handled things: Wall Street, energy concerns, the Russia-Georgia conflict, and Hurricane Ike. (There are separate forums for discussing Iraq; the economy; oil, energy, and the environment; and terrorism and diplomacy.)

What do you think?

Next week: Illegal Immigration

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Obama vs. McCain 2008: Round 13: Terrorism and Diplomacy

This is the thirteenth of a weekly series of public forums on TMB. Watch for a new round every Monday.

Terrorism. Diplomacy.

McCain. Obama.


(Keep in mind that there is a separate forum for Iraq.)

Next week: Education

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Mormons and Obama: Yes we can! No you can’t! Yes we can! No you can’t! YES WE CAN!

I am loving the dialogue about the compatibility of Obama and Mormon voters.

Many important points have been brought up in the comments to my recent post, Why Mormons Should Consider Backing Obama. In addition, Jettboy from Straight and Narrow Blog has written a thoughtful post: The Mormon Obama Mania Will End.

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