The Election: Why I’m Happy and Sad

Like most things in life, this election is bittersweet.

I’m happy Obama won.

I’m sad that so many of my friends and family members are, well, not so happy.

I’m happy that so many people across this country have brighter hopes for America and for the future.

I’m sad for those who think that the end is near.

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Jon Stewart Takes on GOP Hypocrites Concerning Sarah Palin’s Experience, Pregnant Daughter, and Gender

Wow, you’ve got to see this clip. This is fantastic.

Be sure to watch it clear until the end; it’s only about 5 minutes long. (The first few seconds of video are kind of messed up.)

VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED: Sorry, but it looks like the video I uploaded from YouTube was pulled for copyright reasons. I didn’t realize there was a copyright issue. Here’s the link to the clip from Comedy Central. Continue reading

“Is Sarah Palin a Mormon?” Many Are Asking

Ever since I put up this post announcing McCain’s VP pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin, I’ve been surprised how many people are wondering if Palin is a Mormon.

Check out my search engine stats (updated 6 p.m. MST):

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McCain’s VP: Goodbye Romney, Hello Sarah Palin

CNN has just confirmed that Sarah Palin, the 44-year old Alaska governor, is McCain’s VP pick.

Why not Romney? Your thoughts?

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