About TMB

Welcome to Thinking in a Marrow Bone (TMB), dedicated to Latter-day Saint (Mormon) perspectives of faith, scripture, politics, culture, the arts, philosophy, and science.

This blog is intended to serve a useful niche in the LDS blog scene, and we hope that it is read by people among all faiths and backgrounds. The primary audience, however, is Latter-day Saints. We encourage thoughtful dialogue about LDS teachings and practices, but we are not interested in questioning core beliefs or criticizing Church leaders (there are many Internet forums that are, if this is what interests you).

Here are a few goals of TMB:

1. To serve as a thoughtful interface among a variety of Latter-day Saints. From our experience, many LDS blogs (unintentionally?) alienate “average” Mormons — whether it is through obscure language, in-group references, or highly intellectualized conversation. Other LDS blogs (unintentionally?) alienate certain church members by unknowingly making problematic assumptions about what it means to be a faithful Latter-day Saint. This blog aims to avoid the problems of both camps, and in so doing raise the level of sophistication, fellowship, and productive dialogue among Latter-day Saints of many stripes.

2. To highlight the unique contribution of LDS perspectives on faith, scripture, politics, culture, the arts, philosophy, and science. One aspect of this goal is to highlight how there is not one LDS perspective, but a myriad of perspectives that are nonetheless consistent with core teachings and practices. Another aspect is to highlight to friends of other faiths and backgrounds how Latter-day Saint thinkers can provide unique interpretations about the world that can help us in tackling the world’s problems together.

3. To reveal common assumptions about the world that are often taken for granted among Latter-day Saints. These assumptions concern problematic understandings of LDS doctrines and practices, Western culture, science, and politics, to name a few. Connected with this goal is the need to articulate possible viable alternatives, all in a way that takes seriously the doctrines, practices, and values of the Latter-day Saint people.

4. To encourage political and civic activism, intellectual exploration, and artistic expression among Latter-day Saints.

5. To showcase QUALITY blog posts. Much that is written on the blogosphere is of very poor quality. While there is a place for the stream-of-consciousness- this-is-what-I-did-today-travelogue posts, that place is not here.

We need more contributors, especially women. If you are interested in writing for TMB (whether regularly or simply submitting a post), please contact us at thinkinginamarrowbone AT gmail DOT com.

We hope that administrators of other LDS-related blogs will add this blog to their lists of LDS-related blogs. Also, if you like this blog, please subscribe to it via a blog reader (e.g., Google Reader or Feedburner) or email subscription. And please comment! We’d love to hear your perspective.

We hope you enjoy this site. Please visit again!

7 Responses

  1. I added you to my link at http://jbsolis.blogspot.com Will it be okay if you can add me to your link also? We will truly be grateful. Thank you.

  2. Great blog! Thank you!

  3. My few commentaries were too controversial for this site as I now understand it to be a site that is an extension of the Mormon Church–an insular club where you all talk to each other about how much better you are than everyone else. I will go elsewhere where I don’t upset God’s Chosen People in the Only True Church.

  4. I think Don Harryman’s mind was made up about this site the minute he clicked into it.

    I think he simply resents that I pushed against his trying to threadjack a post. His comments about “God’s Chosen People” are completely out of line, and I presume merely reflect the opinion he already has about the LDS Church, and say very little about the content of this blog.

  5. Dennis

    Best of the New Year to you. I wonder if the scope of your blog might include the intersection of nutritional science and Joseph Smith’s Word of Wisdom revelation. This interface has not been adequately discussed and I imagine a synergy where the two combined, with a nod to traditional diets, can offer a better guide to the ancient question, “What to eat?”

    The Word of Wisdom is my current interest, learning how it can guide eating in the modern food environment. I have started a blog to support, it is noncommercial, informative, and invites discussion.

    The idea here is that simplifying life can have a connection to a return to traditional diets, assisted by best available science. All this under each person’s interpretation of the “spirit” of the WoW.

    The address is http://wordofwisdomliving.com/

    Any help you can give would be appreciated. I would be happy to provide a guest post also.

    Best to you,
    Skip H.

  6. Another way this blog differs: It appears to have died.

    Did you move, is it just dormant, or is it dead?

  7. Hi Ed,

    Yes, the blog is currently dormant and probably almost dead. I just haven’t had time to keep up on it with my current commitments and my family.

    Though I’m not sure how different this makes it from many blogs :)

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