Obama vs. McCain 2008: Round 16: Cindy McCain vs. Michelle Obama

This is the sixteenth of a weekly series of public forums on TMB. Watch for a new round every Monday.

The topic of this week’s forum regards the two potential First Ladies: Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama. I’ll leave this fairly open, but I want to keep it focused on what is most important (e.g., who will be a better First Lady, who will be a good role model, etc.). Degrading comments are inappropriate and will be deleted.

Substantive comments concerning possible roles of the First Lady are welcome.

Next week: Urban Concerns

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Mormons for McCain — Where Are You?

Lately I’ve been trying to locate any kind of organized effort for Mormons for McCain.

I haven’t had much luck.

Using a Google Search of “Mormons for McCain,” all that came up were some older articles that talked about some Mormons who were rooting for McCain when Romney was still in the race. (And now hopefully this post, hehe.) Combining keywords “Mormon” and “McCain” also yields nothing — simply some articles that discuss McCain’s anti-Mormon mother and how McCain had said “I don’t know” if Mormons are Christians. It looks like there are other news articles, though, that claim that he has accepted that Mormons are Christians. Continue reading

The Restoration of the Laborer, the Role of Government, and Michelle Obama

As I’ve been reading the first third of the Book of Mormon, I’ve been thinking about the “laborer in Zion.”

Continue reading

Why Mormons Should Consider Backing Obama

Obama FamilyWith Mitt Romney out of the presidential race, who might the Mormon faithful back?

Of course, the Church is officially neutral on political candidates and parties (thank goodness). But let’s be honest, Romney’s failed attempt at the presidency has got to upset a lot of Latter-day Saints, who overwhelming backed Romney (at least in Utah), and who seem to not be very fond of John McCain or Mike Huckabee, not to mention Hillary Clinton.

But Latter-day Saints I have talked to have a fairly favorable view of another presidential candidate: Barack Obama. Continue reading