Manifesto Against Mormon Lingo (Including the “Bloggernacle” Variety)

I have long thought that Mormon culture lingo sounds stupid and is off-putting and degrading.

Which is wonderfully exemplified by the poem “RULDS?” by Joel Hardy (which I found in a comment at this Splendid Sun post in 2006). Continue reading

Welcome to the new Thinking in a Marrow Bone site!

We’ve moved!

For the purposes of a better domain name and a better server, we have moved from Blogger to WordPress.

I’ll be sorting through some of the bugs in the next little while. But please start using this site and change your bookmarks to it.

What Does It Mean To Think in a Marrow Bone?

In one of my favorite poems, “A Prayer for Old Age,” W.B. Yeats writes:

God guard me from those thoughts men think
In the mind alone;
He that sings a lasting song
Thinks in a marrow-bone.

Here Yeats makes the provocative claim that thinking is not restricted to the mind, and that the wise person is the one who is able to “think” deep in the interior of one’s bones. Continue reading

State of the Blog: Thinking in a Marrow Bone After One Week

One week ago, I started this blog thinking that maybe a few of my friends would visit now and then.

To my surprise, there have been over 1000 unique visitors, none of which came directly from search engines. (Only since yesterday has the blog been searchable by Google and Yahoo.)

It’s made me think that this really could be a very successful blog. Continue reading